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​ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS Training -  This program is specifically designed for coding professionals, CDI specialists, billers, and others in need of improving their knowledge and skill in ICD-10-CM/PCS coding.  This program is offered as tape replays of my previous live classes.  It is recommended you watch 2 classes per week.  There are 8 classes (4 for CM & 4 for PCS). Participants will learn the ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS Official Coding Guidelines. We will cover and learn about the ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS format and structure as well as a chapter by chapter review where students will code case examples, applying their newfound knowledge and skills. The program will include lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Students can participate by asking questions. This is a true classroom environment and not a training module.  The cost of the program is only $300 (coding books and workbooks must be purchased separately.

NEW! CCS  Exam Prep For ICD-10-CM - 6 Week program for CCS Exam Preparation. Individuals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in preparation of taking the CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) exam can participate in a classroom setting. At a cost of only $399, this may be the best value ever offered for this service!


Q: I don't have coding skills. Can I take this class?
A: These class are designed for those who are currently involved in hospital coding, whether as a coder, biller, data analyst, CDI specialist, or other coding-related functions.

Q: I am an outpatient coder with no inpatient experience.  Will the CCS Exam Prep help me?
A. Yes.  This program has helped hundreds just like you take and pass the exam.  The combo package with CCS Exam Prep and PCS Training would be best to prepare you.

Q: Are CEUs available?
A: No.

Q: What if I miss a class? Can I make it up?
A: All sessions will be taped and available for review for those who missed classes.

Q: How often do we meet?
A: CCS Exam Prep meets twice weekly and the ICD-10-CM/PCS training is all tape replay. 

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